Jiaxing – A Quaint Chinese Town with Waterways and Canals

I have always been fascinated with towns by the Grand Canal of China and this is one town you will come across. It lies midway between Hangzhou and Beijing and was a stop on my travel between these cities. What make the landscape of this town interesting are the waterscapes it presents. There are several lagoons and lakes that create a dreamy atmosphere.

The green and fertile land will mesmerize as well as rides by the lagoons that traverse the town. It has historical importance too, being the founding place for the Communist party of China.  The weather here varies from cold, chilly winters to wet springs and mild warm summers. Even though I can speak and follow Mandarin I found the local dialect difficult to understand; however many of the young locals are educated in Mandarin.

Enjoy Waterways at Nanbei Hu

This place showcases the best of the waterscape of the place; being a mixture of lagoons and lakes, this is a place of natural attraction that you will surely like to explore. I took a boat ride by the canal which gave me an opportunity to see the buildings by the sides and age-old constructions of wood and stones that have held through the ages. Passing under stone bridges and age-old wooden homes by the waterways helped me discover the true essence of the place.

Walk by the Jiaxing South Lake

This is a natural water body that is a scenic place and I was advised to take the short trip to this lake. Located in Nanhu district, you can enjoy the place by the walking streets as well as take a boat ride by the lake.

Stop by the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall

This is another place I found worth visiting, especially to check out historic relics and documents. It also showcases memorial structures of the revolutions that took place in the region.

I did not spend much time in Jiaxing; if you are here be sure to catch sight of the Hangzhou bay bridge that is a cross-sea bridge and stretches for 22 miles.