Kazan – Enjoy a Fantastic Trip with Your Family

Since Kazan is not one of the famous cities, it not frequented by tourists at large. The main reason is not completely in Russia. Meaning, it is within the official border of Russia but the government functions autonomously in different cities. My trip to Kazan was an amazing experience. There are so many things to explore. To make the most out of your visit, take a look at the things that you can do.

Visit the Unique Kremlin

People who haven’t ever visited decided that there isn’t any such thing as Kremlin. However, every Russian city has one. It is actually a citadel. Inside the wall of these Kremlin, you will find religious, government, and military buildings. The unique one is Kazan is Islamic in characters. What makes it unique is that the mosque is inside the citadel. Surprising, isn’t it?

Relax in a Green Space

I was impressed by the quality of the life that the citizens enjoy in here. There is a wide expanse of green space in the city. I visited Millennium Park. It had been built in 2005 for commemorating the 1000th birthday of the city. There are others too like the Park Imeni and the Central Park of Culture.

Drop in at a Water Park

Kazan also houses an aqua park called the Riviera Aquapark. Since I had been traveling with my kids, it was a great place to be. It is much hotter than in other cities. Hence, cooling off at this place can be a great idea. In case you do not have the time to visit the lakes, try this easy way out to hit the waters.

Travel Back in Time

Even though it is not completely a Russian city, it had been under the Soviet Union all throughout its existence. So the best place to learn about history was the Soviet Lifestyle Museum. I got to know about the difference between today’s government and that of the USSR.