Kobe: Experience the Best of the Most Vibrant City of Japan

Honshu Island harbors the city of Kobe. Being located on a beautiful harbor, it has a mountain of its own that provides a sweeping view. An earthquake had ravaged the city in 1995 and there are memorials dedicated to the people who lost their lives in this storm. I found a plethora of things that you can do and see when I visited this city during springtime. Take a look at some of these things.

Drop in at the Tools Museum  

Do you have a fascination for ancient tools that Japanese people used for their daily activities? Visit in Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum. I came across a wide range of relics on display such as axes made from stone that might have existed since the Jomon Period. Apart from this, there are modern artifacts. Walking amongst these ancient tools made me feel like I have gone back in time.

Cross the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

At the western part of Kobe is Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. This is the tallest bridge of its kind in Japan. Having a height of 283 meters, this bridge offers a breathtaking view. Marvel at the amazing engineering. What I found even more interesting was the fact that the floor was made of glass to provide you with a clear view of this strait.

Try out the Local Food

Being out at Kobe and not trying out the Kobe beef would have been a mistake. Trust me, it is delicious. The marbled fat makes the meeting more juicy and tender. There are other dishes as well like the Sobameshi. This is an unusual mixture of fried noodles and fried rice. All these dishes are simply amazing. There are many restaurants around the city to try out these authentic dishes.