Whitehorse – The Wilderness

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This is one of the smallest cities, served as the capital of Yukon. Whitehorse is the only city of Yukon. It is located alongside the Yukon River. It is a very natural place with not many people and not much civilization. You can even call it a small village. The people here are very warm and welcoming, and the air here is very fresh, you will feel it as a breath of fresh air away from the bustling city noises. You can even spot northern lights in winter if you’re lucky. Here are some of the things you might find amusing in this city.

Miles Canyon

Miles canyon is a cheat preserve of the Yukon River which is situated right in front of a dam used for powering hydroelectricity. In earlier times, this was used as a blockage for treacherous gold diggers as the rapid current waves would barge them from crossing the canyon, ruling them into getting caught. Many such supplies were saved, but on the other hand for locals, the same canyon served as a negative for ruining their supplies and lest their own lives. But today hiking trails are held here and it’s a scenic view to enjoy. The hiking trip begins from 200 Canadian Dollars and is held only during day times.

Beringia Interpretive Center

Beringia here is popular as the trail for the northerners who were migrating here for the first time from Asia. This is popularly known as the habitats for giant mammals. It is like a blanket of ice in this area and is loved for it. There are many ancient exhibits and murals held in Beringia which offers its visitors insights into the geographical and traditional culture of their regions and pilgrims. Shows are held depicting the culture as an entertainment attraction. The same Beringia is also the location where most visitors align to get a peek of nature’s most beautiful show – Aurora Borealis. An observatory provides the show and it is a bit expensive as it starts from 400 Canadian Dollars, but it’s worth every dollar.