Yanbu – The Abandoned City

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The city is based at the southern east coast alongside the red sea and offers you some impeccable varieties of seafood. The city also holds the history of being a very furnished port around the red sea, which now it is not. Though it is part of an Islamic country, the major population of the city accounts for Asians and Middle East citizens. You are bound to find many pubs and restaurants in here and you will love the welcoming and warm nature of the citizens here. Here are some of my suggestions as to what you should see in this city.


The beaches here are traditionally different from the other beaches I have been to. There are very small tents already made up alongside the coastline of the beach. They offer you snacks and drinks right to you so you don’t have to get up and get some for yourself, around the night there are several water and light shows held here and apart from that, a bonfire is lit and Arabian dancers performances are in the league. You will absolutely love these activities and to be a part of them.

Flower Festival

If you are visiting around the time say August to November it is only necessary for you to be a part of, this is something so breathtaking that you wouldn’t want to miss. In this festival, the city showcases over one million different species of flowers and vibrantly colored. They are then arranged in patterns; you can buy the ticket to the show and watch it all. At the end of the show as a gratitude for all those who attended their festival, they create a flower shower and nothing more incredible have I seen. There are lilies and roses that are showered upon you and they are mesmerizing.