Los Cabos – A Resort Beach Destination in Mexico

Los Cabos – A Resort Beach Destination in Mexico

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Among the different beach resort destinations in this country, Los Cabos was a memorable stop for me. It promised entertainment as well as relaxation and proved to be a great weekend getaway place. If you are craving for the sun and the sea then this is a place to plan for.

Different Beaches to Visit

As with most beach destinations, here also I discovered that different beaches were known for different nature-scapes and activities. For instance, Lover’s beach, as per its name, promises a scenic experience. There are shacks to stop by for food and drinks as well as watch sea lions here as well as water taxis with glass-bottomed boats to view the water and sea animals below.

Santa Maria beach is known for snorkeling. Here one can check out schools of porkfish, clownfish, and angelfish. It has a marine sanctuary and one can travel to Cabo San Lucas marina from here which is a calm inlet and has ideal picnic spots. 

Other Activities

San Jose del Cabo is another area to visit here. You will find side streets that have art walks and colonial architecture that showcase the history of the place. Retail shops here have hand carved leather items, dresses, and linen on sale. There is a 300-year-old gallery here called Distrito Del Arte that is worth a visit for sure. 

Whale watching is something to do here as well. I learned that the ideal time is between November to March when one can see humpback whales here. I also explored the town’s eateries, especially places like Glass Box, Casa Madero where wine sampling sessions are popular.

Another unique activity to try here are the spas around the hot springs here. If you visit the El Chorro hot springs, you can also take a tour of Santiago and enjoy dips in the hot springs or lunch at organic farms here.