Kobe: Experience the Best of the Most Vibrant City of Japan

Kobe: Experience the Best of the Most Vibrant City of Japan

Honshu Island harbors the city of Kobe. Being located on a beautiful harbor, it has a mountain of its own that provides a sweeping view. An earthquake had ravaged the city in 1995 and there are memorials dedicated to the people who lost their lives in this storm. I found a plethora of things that you can do and see when I visited this city during springtime. Take a look at some of these things.

Drop in at the Tools Museum  

Do you have a fascination for ancient tools that Japanese people used for their daily activities? Visit in Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum. I came across a wide range of relics on display such as axes made from stone that might have existed since the Jomon Period. Apart from this, there are modern artifacts. Walking amongst these ancient tools made me feel like I have gone back in time.

Cross the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

At the western part of Kobe is Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. This is the tallest bridge of its kind in Japan. Having a height of 283 meters, this bridge offers a breathtaking view. Marvel at the amazing engineering. What I found even more interesting was the fact that the floor was made of glass to provide you with a clear view of this strait.

Try out the Local Food

Being out at Kobe and not trying out the Kobe beef would have been a mistake. Trust me, it is delicious. The marbled fat makes the meeting more juicy and tender. There are other dishes as well like the Sobameshi. This is an unusual mixture of fried noodles and fried rice. All these dishes are simply amazing. There are many restaurants around the city to try out these authentic dishes.

Kazan – Enjoy a Fantastic Trip with Your Family

Kazan – Enjoy a Fantastic Trip with Your Family

Since Kazan is not one of the famous cities, it not frequented by tourists at large. The main reason is not completely in Russia. Meaning, it is within the official border of Russia but the government functions autonomously in different cities. My trip to Kazan was an amazing experience. There are so many things to explore. To make the most out of your visit, take a look at the things that you can do.

Visit the Unique Kremlin

People who haven’t ever visited decided that there isn’t any such thing as Kremlin. However, every Russian city has one. It is actually a citadel. Inside the wall of these Kremlin, you will find religious, government, and military buildings. The unique one is Kazan is Islamic in characters. What makes it unique is that the mosque is inside the citadel. Surprising, isn’t it?

Relax in a Green Space

I was impressed by the quality of the life that the citizens enjoy in here. There is a wide expanse of green space in the city. I visited Millennium Park. It had been built in 2005 for commemorating the 1000th birthday of the city. There are others too like the Park Imeni and the Central Park of Culture.

Drop in at a Water Park

Kazan also houses an aqua park called the Riviera Aquapark. Since I had been traveling with my kids, it was a great place to be. It is much hotter than in other cities. Hence, cooling off at this place can be a great idea. In case you do not have the time to visit the lakes, try this easy way out to hit the waters.

Travel Back in Time

Even though it is not completely a Russian city, it had been under the Soviet Union all throughout its existence. So the best place to learn about history was the Soviet Lifestyle Museum. I got to know about the difference between today’s government and that of the USSR.

Jiaxing – A Quaint Chinese Town with Waterways and Canals

Jiaxing – A Quaint Chinese Town with Waterways and Canals

I have always been fascinated with towns by the Grand Canal of China and this is one town you will come across. It lies midway between Hangzhou and Beijing and was a stop on my travel between these cities. What make the landscape of this town interesting are the waterscapes it presents. There are several lagoons and lakes that create a dreamy atmosphere.

The green and fertile land will mesmerize as well as rides by the lagoons that traverse the town. It has historical importance too, being the founding place for the Communist party of China.  The weather here varies from cold, chilly winters to wet springs and mild warm summers. Even though I can speak and follow Mandarin I found the local dialect difficult to understand; however many of the young locals are educated in Mandarin.

Enjoy Waterways at Nanbei Hu

This place showcases the best of the waterscape of the place; being a mixture of lagoons and lakes, this is a place of natural attraction that you will surely like to explore. I took a boat ride by the canal which gave me an opportunity to see the buildings by the sides and age-old constructions of wood and stones that have held through the ages. Passing under stone bridges and age-old wooden homes by the waterways helped me discover the true essence of the place.

Walk by the Jiaxing South Lake

This is a natural water body that is a scenic place and I was advised to take the short trip to this lake. Located in Nanhu district, you can enjoy the place by the walking streets as well as take a boat ride by the lake.

Stop by the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall

This is another place I found worth visiting, especially to check out historic relics and documents. It also showcases memorial structures of the revolutions that took place in the region.

I did not spend much time in Jiaxing; if you are here be sure to catch sight of the Hangzhou bay bridge that is a cross-sea bridge and stretches for 22 miles.

Xalapa: Explore The Hub Of Art And Culture

Xalapa: Explore The Hub Of Art And Culture

Xalapa is also known as Athens of Veracruz. It has become in recent times because of the art, culture, and food. In this vacation, I planned to visit this unexplored and overlooked part of Mexico. And I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Starting from mountainous terrain to museums, I found everything. If you are in Mexico, make sure that you stop by Xalapa. Here are points of interests in this city.

  • Visit Xalapa Anthropology Museum

No doubt, Xalapa is a cultural hub that is quite evident when you visit the Anthropology Museum here. It is known to have the largest collection when it comes to artifacts from the cultures of Mexican gulf like Huastec, Olmec, and Totonac. It has more than 25,000 pieces which date back to 1300 BC. I also came across a large garden. If you love history, you are surely going to love this den of Mexican cultures.

  • Explore Parque De Los Tecajetes

Are you looking for a green oasis in Xalapa? The Parque De Los Tecajetes is just the ideal escape. The natural park that appears like the jungle has rustic paths, freshwater spring, and stone aqueducts. For me, it was the best place to spend the afternoon.

  • Visit Jardin Botanico Francisco Javier Clavijero

Jardin Botanico Francisco Javier Clavijero, the botanical garden of Xalapa is home to over 700 species. This makes it one of the most diverse and richest micro-ecosystem that you will find in Mexico. It displays the biodiversity of Mexico. Also, there are plants which you will find all across the country. Cyclades Greenhouse, the picturesque attraction is the prime attraction of the botanical garden. This is just the ideal place to take a photo at the end of your trip.

Yellowknife: What To Do And Where To Go?

Yellowknife: What To Do And Where To Go?

The Aurora capital of North America is situated at the most remote and scenic part of Canada. The combination of natural wonders and contemporary features captured my heart. Here are great things that you can be part of when you are in Yellowknife.

  • Aurora Village

Want to get a breathtaking view of Yellowknife? Take a trip to the Aurora village. This is only a half-an-hour drive from the city. I had a great experience here even if it had been too cold. This is because of the hospital nature of the local people and the warmth that they offer.

  • Cameron Falls Trail

This is a popular trail and attracts many visitors. The trail will lead you to the suspension bridge. The view of the waterfall was nothing but breathtaking. It is great for the eyes. Go for sightseeing, hiking, and picnicking. It covers a distance of 1.2 kilometers.

  • Old Town

Yellowknife’s Old Town will give you an experience of the dirty 30s. During this era, the minors created pitched tents and wooden shacks. Some other interesting sights are Peace River Flats and Latham Island. I got a complete feel of the vintage atmosphere. Near the shoreline, you will find fish outfitters, feature tours, and many eateries. I didn’t miss out on the ride in the float plane which took me on a fishing trip.

  • Frame Lake Trail

This trail covers a distance of seven kilometers. This trail is preferred by all visitors and is right in the middle of the city. It offers many interesting sights. The trial will lead you to the Prince Wales Museum and also the city hall. Also, in the western half of the trail, you will find local wildlife, rocky outcrops, and swampland. The wildlife consists of muskrats, foxes, waterfowl, and coyotes.

Getting Hitched In Tahiti

Getting Hitched In Tahiti

Most ladies dream about their wedding from the time they are small girls. The dress they will wear that day, how the cake will look like, and the flowers that they will hold or use to decorate and the kind of man that they will marry etc.

Walking on a sandy beach with the cool breeze blowing your hair, the blue waters near you to witness this great moment in your life is a lifetime opportunity.

Some places that could make your wedding in Tahiti even more special are like,

The four seasons Bora Bora

Expect to have impeccable service if you decide to choose this resort to have your nuptials. There is a chapel that will take your breath away with the glass windows that allows you to see the enchanting lagoon as you say I do. You could opt to get married on the Catamarans, what a way to start your life together. The four seasons in Bora Bora is a unique place.

The Intercontinental Resort

You are met with views that will make you or your guest’s jaws drop open. You are at a viewing distance of Mount Otemanu. The chapel has a glass floor that allows the fishes to swim underneath your feet as say your vows. If you wed at the Intercontinental Resort be sure to have photos or a wedding video that will make your friends green with envy.

Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa

To get to the island, it will take you approximately 50 minutes on the ferry. They pay attention to detail, and the best part is they are a bit pocket-friendly compared to the other resorts. There is a wedding planner on the grounds, and they would make it so much easier for your big day to be successful without you going nuts.

Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach and Private Island

If your dream is to have a very intimate and private wedding, then this would be an ideal place for you.

You and your small wedding party will use a boat to get to the island where the ceremony will be above the lagoon. What would beat such a location?

Legends Resort Moorea.

The resort has an outstanding vantage over the blue waters. It is also budget friendly because of the large villas which family and friends can share. This is the resort where La Villa Des Sens restaurant stands and has a reputation of being the best in Tahiti.

ST Regis Bora Bora resort

This resort gives you a choice whether to have your wedding nuptials on the beach or the green manicured lawns. The scenery can take your breath away.

With all these locations and more who wouldn’t want to say I do in Tahiti?