Machala: A City Made Rich by Bananas

Machala: A City Made Rich by Bananas

Machala in Ecuador is a unique city, as I discovered when I came here. The unique landscape of the city is due to the banana plantations around it. The moniker of the region is Oro Verde which translates as green gold. It also serves as the administrative and commercial capital of El Oro. The main city scape is dusty with several commercial and transportation hubs. But it is close to the Peruvian border that makes it one of the most popular stops for several tourists and travelers.

City attractions

Within the city, I discovered several places to visit; for instance, Parque Juan Montalvo which is the main city plaza as well as acts as the epicentre of Machala. Most of the restaurants, hotels and bus stations are around this place. Third week of September sees the ‘World Banana Fair’ being held here, apt for a city that is surrounded by banana plantations. I happened to travel here in the month of September and also saw the public art piece called Monumento al Bananero.

Places to visit here are several; I enjoyed the beach in front of Playa Jambeli as well as Parque Lineal which has a historic monument as well. There is much of the city’s history at Parque Central and at Picapiedra Park. The latter has fun-filled activities for families with children and one can spend a day of fun here.

Cuisine destinations

My days were spent exploring the different eateries as well. For instance, Zona Refrescante has an impressive selection of grilled meats which are served along with fresh fruits. I also enjoyed lunches at Romero’s while El Paraíso de la Vida had sandwiches for good value. It was also my favorite place to stop by for breakfast. You can also stop by Gran Chifa which is a Chinese restaurant with its own unique Asian offerings.

Los Cabos – A Resort Beach Destination in Mexico

Los Cabos – A Resort Beach Destination in Mexico

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Among the different beach resort destinations in this country, Los Cabos was a memorable stop for me. It promised entertainment as well as relaxation and proved to be a great weekend getaway place. If you are craving for the sun and the sea then this is a place to plan for.

Different Beaches to Visit

As with most beach destinations, here also I discovered that different beaches were known for different nature-scapes and activities. For instance, Lover’s beach, as per its name, promises a scenic experience. There are shacks to stop by for food and drinks as well as watch sea lions here as well as water taxis with glass-bottomed boats to view the water and sea animals below.

Santa Maria beach is known for snorkeling. Here one can check out schools of porkfish, clownfish, and angelfish. It has a marine sanctuary and one can travel to Cabo San Lucas marina from here which is a calm inlet and has ideal picnic spots. 

Other Activities

San Jose del Cabo is another area to visit here. You will find side streets that have art walks and colonial architecture that showcase the history of the place. Retail shops here have hand carved leather items, dresses, and linen on sale. There is a 300-year-old gallery here called Distrito Del Arte that is worth a visit for sure. 

Whale watching is something to do here as well. I learned that the ideal time is between November to March when one can see humpback whales here. I also explored the town’s eateries, especially places like Glass Box, Casa Madero where wine sampling sessions are popular.

Another unique activity to try here are the spas around the hot springs here. If you visit the El Chorro hot springs, you can also take a tour of Santiago and enjoy dips in the hot springs or lunch at organic farms here.

Yanbu – The Abandoned City

Yanbu – The Abandoned City

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The city is based at the southern east coast alongside the red sea and offers you some impeccable varieties of seafood. The city also holds the history of being a very furnished port around the red sea, which now it is not. Though it is part of an Islamic country, the major population of the city accounts for Asians and Middle East citizens. You are bound to find many pubs and restaurants in here and you will love the welcoming and warm nature of the citizens here. Here are some of my suggestions as to what you should see in this city.


The beaches here are traditionally different from the other beaches I have been to. There are very small tents already made up alongside the coastline of the beach. They offer you snacks and drinks right to you so you don’t have to get up and get some for yourself, around the night there are several water and light shows held here and apart from that, a bonfire is lit and Arabian dancers performances are in the league. You will absolutely love these activities and to be a part of them.

Flower Festival

If you are visiting around the time say August to November it is only necessary for you to be a part of, this is something so breathtaking that you wouldn’t want to miss. In this festival, the city showcases over one million different species of flowers and vibrantly colored. They are then arranged in patterns; you can buy the ticket to the show and watch it all. At the end of the show as a gratitude for all those who attended their festival, they create a flower shower and nothing more incredible have I seen. There are lilies and roses that are showered upon you and they are mesmerizing.

Whitehorse – The Wilderness

Whitehorse – The Wilderness

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This is one of the smallest cities, served as the capital of Yukon. Whitehorse is the only city of Yukon. It is located alongside the Yukon River. It is a very natural place with not many people and not much civilization. You can even call it a small village. The people here are very warm and welcoming, and the air here is very fresh, you will feel it as a breath of fresh air away from the bustling city noises. You can even spot northern lights in winter if you’re lucky. Here are some of the things you might find amusing in this city.

Miles Canyon

Miles canyon is a cheat preserve of the Yukon River which is situated right in front of a dam used for powering hydroelectricity. In earlier times, this was used as a blockage for treacherous gold diggers as the rapid current waves would barge them from crossing the canyon, ruling them into getting caught. Many such supplies were saved, but on the other hand for locals, the same canyon served as a negative for ruining their supplies and lest their own lives. But today hiking trails are held here and it’s a scenic view to enjoy. The hiking trip begins from 200 Canadian Dollars and is held only during day times.

Beringia Interpretive Center

Beringia here is popular as the trail for the northerners who were migrating here for the first time from Asia. This is popularly known as the habitats for giant mammals. It is like a blanket of ice in this area and is loved for it. There are many ancient exhibits and murals held in Beringia which offers its visitors insights into the geographical and traditional culture of their regions and pilgrims. Shows are held depicting the culture as an entertainment attraction. The same Beringia is also the location where most visitors align to get a peek of nature’s most beautiful show – Aurora Borealis. An observatory provides the show and it is a bit expensive as it starts from 400 Canadian Dollars, but it’s worth every dollar.

Dammam – The Conservative City

Dammam – The Conservative City

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The city is the smallest of all cities around the country. But the city is said to be a firework in a small package. At first, I never understood why it was said so, but soon when I started discovering the city, I found out why it is named this way. My friend who is a runs me that this city is inexplicably exotic. It is surrounded by several beaches and coral waters that you are just going to love it the instant you enter this spontaneous city. The city apart from the beaches has nothing more to offer, but some ancient souvenirs and commendable water sports that you will definitely enjoy doing. Here are some of my recommendations.

Dolphin Village

The dolphin village is very popular among the citizens as well as the tourists. This village is located in the center of the mainland coral reefs. The village, as opposed to its make, is actually a very large scaled lounged which is centrally air-conditioned and is two-storied, one of which lies directly inside the water of the coral reefs. You will spot many dolphins around here and especially the pink ones, they are such majestic creatures. The basement of the lunge hosts eating place where you can sit and watch dolphins together.

Heritage Village

Heritage Village is one of the famous joints around the city, the architectures of whose are modern but the food and the liveliness and the atmosphere are honestly authentic going back to their traditions and cultures. The food here is so authentic and tasty I just could not get enough of it. It is better if you come here in the night as you will get to listen to their traditional music live and dance along and have a great time with your friends and family. As compared to other eateries around the town, this is simply sublime and reasonable and very enjoyable.

Kitchener: What To Do And Where To Go?

Kitchener: What To Do And Where To Go?

Kitchener is usually neglected by a lot of tourists. However, this lesser-known city has a lot to offer. Since it is in close proximity to Toronto, I made it a point to visit this city on my trip to Toronto. Let’s take a look at the things that you should do when you are in Kitchener.

  • Visit the museum

Want to visit a fun museum? The Museum in Kitchener is all about having fun. If you are on a vacation with kids, this is a must-visit. Children can hone their graffiti skills on the wall, make a fort, or create an animation film. The museum holds a permanent and temporary exhibition which makes it more fun to visit.

  • Drink your heart out

Drinking is the most preferred pastime in Kitchener. I visit the world largest Oktoberfest outside Berlin, held in the city. It is called the Bavarian festival and lasts for 9 days. The primary theme of the festival is drinking endless glasses of beer.

  • Travel back in time

I visited Doon Heritage Village to travel back in time. The live history covered in 24 hectares of the area gives you an idea about how life had been like in this area. Take a walk around the village. The staffs are dressed in costumes from those periods and there are barns and other buildings that you can check out. I came across a grocery store, post office, and also a harness shop.

  • Go skiing

Professional or a beginner, you can go skiing when you visit the city of Kitchener. Chicopee Ski Club has eleven runs with different levels. It is open all year round. So, even if I visited during summer time, I could go hiking or mountain biking. You can also play tennis and volleyball here.