Dammam – The Conservative City

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The city is the smallest of all cities around the country. But the city is said to be a firework in a small package. At first, I never understood why it was said so, but soon when I started discovering the city, I found out why it is named this way. My friend who is a runs https://alaskabackcare.com/told me that this city is inexplicably exotic. It is surrounded by several beaches and coral waters that you are just going to love it the instant you enter this spontaneous city. The city apart from the beaches has nothing more to offer, but some ancient souvenirs and commendable water sports that you will definitely enjoy doing. Here are some of my recommendations.

Dolphin Village

The dolphin village is very popular among the citizens as well as the tourists. This village is located in the center of the mainland coral reefs. The village, as opposed to its make, is actually a very large scaled lounged which is centrally air-conditioned and is two-storied, one of which lies directly inside the water of the coral reefs. You will spot many dolphins around here and especially the pink ones, they are such majestic creatures. The basement of the lunge hosts eating place where you can sit and watch dolphins together.

Heritage Village

Heritage Village is one of the famous joints around the city, the architectures of whose are modern but the food and the liveliness and the atmosphere are honestly authentic going back to their traditions and cultures. The food here is so authentic and tasty I just could not get enough of it. It is better if you come here in the night as you will get to listen to their traditional music live and dance along and have a great time with your friends and family. As compared to other eateries around the town, this is simply sublime and reasonable and very enjoyable.