Yellowknife: What To Do And Where To Go?

The Aurora capital of North America is situated at the most remote and scenic part of Canada. The combination of natural wonders and contemporary features captured my heart. Here are great things that you can be part of when you are in Yellowknife.

  • Aurora Village

Want to get a breathtaking view of Yellowknife? Take a trip to the Aurora village. This is only a half-an-hour drive from the city. I had a great experience here even if it had been too cold. This is because of the hospital nature of the local people and the warmth that they offer.

  • Cameron Falls Trail

This is a popular trail and attracts many visitors. The trail will lead you to the suspension bridge. The view of the waterfall was nothing but breathtaking. It is great for the eyes. Go for sightseeing, hiking, and picnicking. It covers a distance of 1.2 kilometers.

  • Old Town

Yellowknife’s Old Town will give you an experience of the dirty 30s. During this era, the minors created pitched tents and wooden shacks. Some other interesting sights are Peace River Flats and Latham Island. I got a complete feel of the vintage atmosphere. Near the shoreline, you will find fish outfitters, feature tours, and many eateries. I didn’t miss out on the ride in the float plane which took me on a fishing trip.

  • Frame Lake Trail

This trail covers a distance of seven kilometers. This trail is preferred by all visitors and is right in the middle of the city. It offers many interesting sights. The trial will lead you to the Prince Wales Museum and also the city hall. Also, in the western half of the trail, you will find local wildlife, rocky outcrops, and swampland. The wildlife consists of muskrats, foxes, waterfowl, and coyotes.